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There won't be many rules here, but a big one is this forum is to discuss SCULPTURE, sculpting and ceramics, it is not the place to ask about values of antique statues, garage sale or flea market finds, it's to discuss and explore all aspects of sculpture  and ceramic making, design, tools, equipment etc.

Don't be lazy, use Google and Ebay to find out about valuations, history, I am not an art or antiques appraiser, all I can do is tell you that your bronze or plaster thingamajig by Joe Smith is worth anywhere from $1 to $1 million.

Photos may be included in posts up to about 700 px x 800 px in size, wider photos break forum table layouts and causes undesireable side scrolling for viewers to see the entire image.

Members can attach photos or insert the img url in the post to display the image in the post itself, the image must be your own or one you have permissions to link to (called hotlinking) hosts your photos for free and allows hotlinking to them and more, I use it  a lot.

The software has many features and functions and it should be easy enough to use.

As far as "language" goes, we all know all the four letter words, I don't want to do a "nanny state" here, there is no filter here and I don't plan to filter out judicious occasional use of words such as  fuck, shit, damn etc as long as they are used for  a specific emphasis to make a point, I just don't want to see every third word to be "fuck" for the sake of being crude and rude.

"fuck the fucking fuckers" is crude and rude and unprofessional, while: "I dropped the fucking stone on my toe and wound up in the hospital" is emphasis, don't be crude and rude!

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