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Purpose and statement
« on: January 14, 2015, 10:30:42 PM »
The purpose of this section is education about properly restoring an antique Gamewell, SAFA Horni, Stewart Steel , FDNY or other fire alarm box equipment.

This section is for promoting the idea that 100 year old antiques are antiques, and valued AS antiques.
A 100 year old antique should never look like a fiberglass reproduction that just came out of a factory in China!

Judicious and thoughtful restorations of these historic devices precludes painting with super high-gloss powder coating and automotive paints, it definitely eliminates those foolish looking modern brass plated flagpole eagles sold on Ebay as "Gamewell toppers" which had never been installed on any of these boxes even when they were new.

Restorations of these also precludes adding on gold, silver or white lettering and other inappropriate "enhancing." The exception is: Certain fire alarm boxes did have white lettering or a white pull down door such as the newer 1940 era aluminum Gamewell boxes, and some of the aluminum "O'Brien" boxes found in NYC.

The type of  so called "restoration" I am against is similar to "restoring" a historic model T Ford by sandblasting the original paint off, repainting it with powder coat super gloss pink auto enamel, and then adding vinyl "flames" on the hood and wide mag wheels.
This type of misguided "restoration" has no place on historic antiques- NONE.

After posting my advice and opinions on this matter on a facebook group, it seemed that groups' admin takes exception to all of this and claimed:

" You are not entitled to desparage, degrade, and call out other members of this group regarding their restorations.

Maybe not on his group but I DO have the right to express my opinions elsewhere and start my own resources for those who are genuinely interested in a more REAL restoration and stewardship of the ANTIQUES we are only temporary caretakers of.
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