Author Topic: "Good" condition, with a broken spring and tapper bell???  (Read 1103 times)

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"Good" condition, with a broken spring and tapper bell???
« on: October 10, 2015, 03:36:06 PM »
Here's why people need to really look close at pictures of antique items on Ebay, note this guy has a typical common Gamewell innerbox mechanism for sale, the price is higher than usual @ $199, but note where he claims "GOOD condition, nice..." but when you look closely at the pictures one of them stands out and tells the story, I cropped it and added the yellow arrows, novices wouldn't know any better, but clearly this mainspring is broken, the first clue is the spring is way out of normal concentricity, which even if it had fully unwound would not unwind this much, this much is caused by the spring breaking suddenly and the coils "exploding" outwards.
The yellow arrows show the two broken ends of the spring.

This is fairly common due to age and sometimes corrosion or just fatigue, but replacing this spring is a bit of a chore, and the cost would be around $100-$125 to have a clock maker replace the spring with a new one. So if one paid $199 for this plus the shipping he wants $21.28 for shipping, plus shipping this to a clockmaker, paying for the spring repair and return shipping it's already darn near $400 when all is said and done for the total.
It's not rocket science replacing the spring, but to do it without a clock maker's spring winding tool it's a bit like trying to keep several large angry snakes in one spot! As you start coiling that spring up, and it could be 12-15 feet of metal there- it wants to "explode" out in all directions, there's a lot of power in there and you have an oily metal spring, oil on your fingers as a result and you are trying to coil this all up into this nice tight coil and set it in place, all the while trying to hold that power and not letting the spring slip even minutely, once you start losing control of the coil that's it, you lose it in an instant!

Also, the tapper bell this unit had is missing, so it's not complete either, and that's besides the round glass cover which is also missing.
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