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Gamewell Excelsior box
« on: December 31, 2015, 10:26:47 AM »
Here's another interesting twist  on a box for sale on Ebay, the seller makes a point of detailing there's "absolutely no rust or pitting" on this cast-iron box, but when you look at the photos it's clear why there's no rust- it looks like the guy used a wire wheel over the whole thing to remove all the paint to bare metal and then sort of polished the iron, leaving it bare dark grey.

Oh, but he "forgot" to to the back of it! how in the world do people do this?

As if that's not bad enough he stuck on one of those ridiculous looking, cheap, brass plated eagle flagpole finials onto a 135 year old antique.
He wants an insane $840 for this and it's just an empty shell with no mechanism inside at all!

It's easy to tell when a seller has no idea, these Excelsior boxes usually sell for around $350 to $500 WITH the complete mechanism in them!
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